Bohemian Crystal Tour

  • Factory
  • 4 hours
  • Car or Minivan
  • Hotel pick up
  • Tour guide


This private visit to the crystal factory will show you traditional methods of producing lead cut crystal together with the family workshop where they produce delightful modern handmade glass and crystal products.

Price includes:

  • Private Tour Guide
  • Car/Van
  • Driver
  • Entrance Fee To The Glassworks

Did you ever wonder how handmade glass is being made? Then take this private tour and our private guide will explain you how. In the region of Bohemia in the Czech Republic they make some of the world's best quality handmade glass so what would be a better place to see how it is done? 

You will see how skilled professional glass masters take out the hot melted glass from the furnaces which can reach 1500°C and how they blow it with their mouths into amazing shapes. You can see it all just from a very close distance without any barriers. You will experience the whole manufacturing process including the cooling of the glass and also the part when skilled carvers are edging and carving ornaments into the glass until the final product. 

On this private tour we will take you to one of the most traditional family based crystal glass factories located just 30 minutes outside of Prague. It was founded in 1846 and it makes amazing pieces of glass until today. They still use traditional wooden forms during the blowing. They melt the crystal in furnaces using the traditional old way which gives the glass amazing shines and colors. Their special colored glass is pink and darkly grey and there is no other glass factory which does it the same. 

After you finish the tour inside the factory with our glass expert you will also have plenty of time to visit their factory store which offers unbeatable prices directly from the factory. They often have huge sales on some products which you will not find anywhere else in Prague. It can be a great souvenir from the Czech Republic. You will also receive from us a little glass gift at the end of our tour. 

Czech Crystal glass

The handmade production of led and carved crystal is historically one of the most important segments of the Czech industry with the oldest tradition. Glass and crystal have been made in the Czech lands for the last 800 years. The industry is based on a well-prevalent craft ability and technical knowledge which were past over from generation to generation. The result is pieces of crystal glass which are admired by many people all over the world. 

The high level of quality of Czech glass industry is based on tradition, skills and experiences of the glass makers who are being educated in specialized glass schools that are unique of their type. The first glass making school was established here in 1856. Very important is next to the traditions also design and Czech glass was always focusing on design a lot. 

In the end it is fair to say that the Czech crystal glass industry is something our country can be proud of and it is something that Czechs are good at.

If you would be interested in the most famous Czech crystal, visit Moser glassworks on our Karlovy Vary private tour.

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