Communist Prague Live Virtual Tour

  • Virtual
  • 1 Hour
  • Walking
  • Tour guide


Watch from the comfort of your home what it was like to live under communism for 40 years. Our experienced local guide will take you on a live interactive virtual tour through the New Town of Prague where the most important events that shaped the history of Czechoslovakia between the years 1948 - 1989 took place. Learn about the communist coup d’état in 1948 and the tough repressions in the 50s. Let us tell you about the Prague spring which brought hope that things could change for the better, only for it to be crushed by the Soviet invasion in August 1968. Learn how the system collapsed in 1989. We will show you the Wenceslas square where many protests against the regime took place.We will have a look at the Narodni street where the 1989 Velvet revolution started. Let us show you the architecture from the communist period and tell many stories about the heroes and the villains of this chapter of our history. 

What to expect?

We use professional tools like headsets and high quality gimbals to make sure our videos are not shaky and you can hear the guide’s voice clearly. The tour is live-streamed through Zoom, which allows a live interaction between you and the guide It is a live interactive walking tour, so feel free to write any questions to the guide into a chat or ask him during the Q&A part of the tour at the end. We will share a Zoom invitation link with you before the tour starts. The tour will start on top of the Wenceslas square.

What is included:

  • Local tour guide live-streaming through Zoom

  • Live interaction with the guide

  • Internet connection is necessary

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