Czech-Saxon Switzerland

  • Nature
  • 9 Hours
  • Car or Minivan
  • Hotel pick up
  • Tour guide


On this hiking tour we will take you to the most beautiful national park in the Czech Republic. Beautiful region full of sandstone mountains offers magnificient views on both german and czech side of the border. Take a hike to see the Pravcicka gate, the biggest sandstone gate in Europe, or have fun exploring the canyons while sailing on the boat on the Kamenice river. If you would like to see the most beautiful nature our country has to offer, this tour is right for you.

Price includes:

  • Private Tour Guide
  • Car/Van
  • Driver

Forests which go as far as you can see, deep gorges and glens, crystal clear streams and huge towers made of sandstone. That is a world worth seeing which awaits you in a land full of mysteries, the land of Czech-Saxon Switzerland. National park Czech Switzerland together with national park Saxon Switzerland represents an ideal place for relaxation and gaining new energy from nature. This park won an award of European destination of the highest quality in the travel industry for the Czech Republic. Take a private tour with us and let us show you this magnificent piece of nature in our country. 

What you wil see


When our private guide picks you up at your hotel you will first drive about 1 hour 45 min to the German part of Saxon Switzerland to the most famous viewpoint in the whole German part of the park. Bastei lies on the right side of the Elbe river and it is a huge rock formation above the river with amazing views. Its most famous highlight is the Bastei Bridge built in 1851. It has 76 meters and it was the first European structure and bridge built just for tourists and it belongs to the symbols of Saxon Switzerland. The bridge connects the viewpoint with the rock formation where in the 14th century used to stand a rock castle called Neurathen. On metal platforms and ladders you can walk above deep holes where the castle wooden walls used to stand. It is just beautiful. 

Pravcicka gate 

After you enjoy the German side, our private guide will take you to the Czech part called Czech Switzerland where you will be driven to a beautiful village named Hřensko. That is the starting point of the little hike (about 1 hour) to Pravcicka gate. It is the symbol of the Czech Switzerland and with its size (16m high, 27m long, 8m arc) it is the largest natural sandstone gate in the whole of Europe. As a reward for the hike you can have a drink and toast in a tourist restaurant built right next to the rock from 1881. In 2009 Pravcicka gate became a close candidate for New7wonders of natural wonders around the world competition. From the rock formations next to the Pravcicka gate you can have some amazing photos from the viewpoints that our private guide will show you. The walk down is easier than the hike up which of itself is not very difficult and even a non experienced walker can easily make it. 

Wild and Edmund’s glen

Two beautiful canyons belong to the most precious and beautiful parts of the Czech Switzerland. It is named after duke Edmund Clary-Aldringen who managed to open the glens for boats and tourists in 1890. Part of the glen is accessible only on boats and during the boat ride you can admire tall sandstone walls covering the glen. Thanks to the deep canyon and sandstone walls there is a climatic inversion which creates a special environment for rare plants, moss and trees. If you are lucky you can see rare wild czech animals like beavers, bats or otters. The boats are powered by boatmen with long sticks. It is a wonderful experience. 

Each part of the tour where you will feel that you are not able to walk that much we can skip and adjust it to your needs and comfort. Most important for us is your experience so even inexperienced walkers enjoy the day in Czech Saxon Switzerland a lot. If you would like to go for a hike to the sandstone hills, but not spend the whole day you can check our shorter Private tour to Czech Paradise.

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