Kutna Hora Private Tour from Prague

Duration: 6 hours

In the Middle Ages Kutna Hora was the second most important town in the Bohemian kingdom after Prague, due to its huge resources of silver. This private tour comprises St.Barbara Cathedral, an impressive example of 14th-century gothic architecture, the Royal Mint, where the production of the world-famous Prague’s Grossus took place, and the Bone Church, whose interior is made out of human bones! Visit these landmarks with our private guide and feel the atmosphere of the medieval mine, all of which is part of Unesco World Heritage site.

What is included:

  • Private tour guide
  • Driver
  • Car/Minivan
  • Entrance fee to the Bone church and the Sedlec Monastery
  • Entrance fee to St. Barbara Church

Total: 450

Number of persons:

Persons Price
1 450
2 480
3 550
4 590
5 630
6 650
7 680
8+ 720
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Kutna Hora Private Tour from Prague

Our private guide with a van or with a minibus will pick you up in your hotel. We will drive through picturesque Eastern Bohemia Countryside. Kutna Hora is nowadays a little town with 21 000 inhabitants, but once it was a big city. In the 14th and 15th centuries one third of European silver was mined in this city. Every day 10 000 miners went down to the mines, the deepest mine was 500 metres underground, to dig silver ore.The work was very hard. Miners had only very simple tools,a hammer and a shovel, so during the shift – 6 hours of hard work, they dug only 2,5cm of the rock. But the salary was relatively high, there were many volunteers.  One mine is still open for a visit today.

We will see the amazing St.Barbara Cathedral , great work of Jan Parler, Matyas Rejsek and Benedict Rejt. We will stroll through medieval streets passing the former Jesuit College and Gallery of the Saints, we will see the former Royal Mint and the Royal Residence, we will visit the main square. We will learn about the black plague which devastated the city. We will admire the Stone House, the residence of the wealthy citizens of the town and the Stone Water Reservoir.

We will drive to Sedlec part of Kutna Hora to see the Bone Chapel decorated with bones of apr. 40 000 people.We will see one of the oldest Cathedrals in the Czech Republic, The Cathedral of Our Lady in Cistercian Monastery.

As a souvenir you can get a real or replica of  silver Prague Gross. In Kutna Hora there are nice local galleries of ceramic.

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Bone Church

One monk from Cistercian Monastery in Sedlec visited the Holy Land and brought the soil from Golgotha hill home and spread it to the burial site around the burial chapel. The Cemetery became well known not only in Czechia, but also abroad and many people wanted to be buried especially in this place. Monks needed more space, so after some time they moved the bones to the Church. Frantisek Rint, a woodcarver, made a decoration of the church from these human bones, a chandelier, a crest of Schwarzenberg family which hired him and also his signature. The Bone Church is a unique place to visit.