Prague Castle Tour

Duration: 3 hours

During the Prague Castle Tour your private Prague guide will take you through the largest castle complex in the world, a medieval fortress, a town within a town, with St.Vitus Cathedral where 26 kings of Bohemia were crowned by the crown of Emperor Charles IV. Together we will visit the Old Royal Palace with the amazing Wladislav Hall, Basilica of St.George and Golden Lane with beautiful fairy tale houses.

What is included:

  • Private tour guide
  • Entrance fee to the Prague Castle

Total: 190

Number of persons:

Persons Price
1 190
2 240
3 270
4 300
5 340
6 380
7 410
8+ 440
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Prague Castle Tour

Your private guide will pick you up in the lobby of your hotel in Prague or in front of the apartment building if you stay in Airbnb for example. From there you will walk or take a tram up to the Prague Castle. The guide can also meet you by the entrance to the castle already, that is up to you. Then the guide will purchase tickets to the Prague Castle at the ticket office for guides so you will not have to queue. On the tour the guide will show you the entire Prague Castle complex, including the interiors of the St. Vitus Cathedral, the Old Royal Palace, the St. George Basilica, the Golden Lane and the Daliborka tower.

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Prague Castle

Let our private guide explain to you the history of the Prague Castle on this private tour. Historically a seat of the Czech kings, Prague Castle is currently the seat of the Czech president. The president’s residence is however in a palace in Lány, which is located 30 minutes drive to the West of Prague. On the hill where the Prague Castle lies was originally a smaller wooden fortified settlement since the 9th Century. In 882 the duke Bořivoj built the first church and named it after St. Mary. It was the first stone building in Prague Castle. In the period 1070-1140 the duke Vratislav I moved the seat of bohemian kings to Vyšehrad due to a dispute with his brother, bishop Jaromír. In the period 1383-1484 the Prague Castle was not suitable for living therefore the king Wenceslas IV, son of the famous emperor Charles IV, moved the seat to the King’s Court, a fortress that used to stand on today’s Republic square. In 1484 Vladislav Jagello moved the seat back to Prague Castle and rebuilt it in renaissance style. During the rule of the Habsburgs between the years 1526-1918 the kings resided in Vienna. Only one Habsburg chose Prague as his Capital. His name was Rudolf II. During his rule the Prague Castle was home to many alchymists and artists. Since 1918 it has been the official seat of the Czech Presidents.