Prague Medieval Dinner and Show

Duration: 3 hours

Let us take you to the Prague’s best medieval restaurant to enjoy the great and unique Prague medieval dinner and show. If you like to eat like the kings in the old days and if you would like some special entertainment show with it then this fun tour is an excellent way to discover traditional czech cuisine with something extra. There will be sword fights, fire blowers, belly dancers and all of it with candle lights and medieval music. 

What is included:

  • Private transfer (one way)
  • Unlimited drinks
  • Unlimited food or 5 course dinner
  • Medieval show and live music

Total: 150

Number of persons:

Persons Price
1 150
2 200
3 250
4 300
5 350
6 400
7 450
8+ 500
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Prague Medieval Dinner and Show

On this tour our guide/driver will pick you up at your hotel in Prague and you will be taken by a private transfer to the medieval restaurant where you will have a nice table reserved. Then you can simply enjoy the atmosphere of Prague medieval dinner. 

Prague Medieval Dinner and show
Prague Medieval Dinner and show

What is Prague Medieval Show?

Prague Medieval dinner and show includes unlimited drinks and food or unlimited drinks and 5 course dinner. It takes place in an old medieval cellar. The food is prepared on open fire and all around you there are people dressed in medieval costumes, such as fire blowers, belly dancers and sword fighters. There is also live medieval music band.