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1. Cantina

Cantina is a mexican restaurant located in the Little Quarter. I would say it is my absolute favorite among the restaurants in Prague. It serves the best quality mexican food, amazing drinks and has a cool atmosphere. Make sure you have reservation and cash, since they don’t take credit cards.


2. Mr. Hot Dog

Are you looking for the best hot dog in Prague? Look no more! Mr Hot Dog is a bistro in the hipster neighborhood of Prague 7 and they are improving constantly. You pay a higher price for the dogs but it is worth every bite. Reservation in the prime time is also a must.

Mr hotdog

3. Lokál Dlouhááá

Lokál is a chain of restaurants in Prague and the most famous one is in Dlouhá street in the Old Town of Prague. As the name Dlouha (“long” in Czech) suggests, it is a long beerhall and they serve the best quality Pilsner Urquell lager in Prague. Have some sausage or fried cheese with it.

Lokal Dlouha

4. Hana Sushi

This Sushi joint is run by japanese and it offers authentic sushi for reasonable price. It is located outside of the city center in a neighborhood of Vinohrady however it is worth the trip.

Hana Sushi

5. Kuchyň

Located just outside of the Prague Castle, Kuchyň offers magnificient views on Prague. The name which means kitchen in czech reffers to the style in which you order food in the restaurant. The waitress walks you to the kitchen where on the stoves you see the meals ready. She removes the lid infront of you so you can pick whichever meal you like the most. And since Kuchyň is owned by the same owner as Lokál, it also serves the highest quality Pilsner Urquell Beer.

Kuchyn restaurant