Private Prague Food Tour

Duration: 4 hours

A fun yet informative tour about the delicious Czech cuisine and Czech lifestyle. The idea of the Private Prague Food Tour is not only to taste traditional Czech meals. We want you to feel like a local. We will share stories with you from everyday life in Prague, what locals do and how do we feel about the recent history of our country. At the same time we will take you to several local restaurants/breweries/bistros where you will taste the best authentic meals Czech cuisine has to offer, all from local producers. With each meal you can have a pint of good beer since beer is a very important part of Czech culture. Or a wine or nonalcoholic beverage, the choice is up to you.

What is included:

  • Private foodie guide
  • Traditional meals and snacks
  • Beer/wine/non-alcoholic beverages

Total: 260

Number of persons:

Persons Price
1 260
2 340
3 420
4 500
5 580
6 660
7 740
8+ 820
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Private Prague Food Tour

Our private tour guide will pick you up at the place of your stay in Prague. He will then take you to 3 different venues – one for starters, one for main course and one for desserts. In each place the guide will order the food for you. All the meals are traditional Czech and well-balanced, so do not worry that you will leave feeling sick to your stomach. There is no better beverage to wash down delicious Czech food than beer. In the Czech Republic we specialize on Pilsner lagers (we invented them) so that would be our recommendation. If you prefer wine, there will be a variety of Czech wines to choose from on our private Prague food tour.

There is plenty of food so make sure you do not eat much before the tour! :)

Private Prague Food Tour 4