Telc and Cervena Lhota chateau

Duration: 9 hours

Telc and Cervena Lhota Chateau are pearls of Bohemia and Moravia. This 16th century town is surrounded by lakes, with houses which look like a film set in a historical movie and yet they are real! Telc flourished under the rule of the Roses Family, prospering from its halfway location between Vienna and Prague. The red chateau in the middle of the lake Cervena Lhota is considered to be the most „photogenic“ castle in the Czech Republic. You can see this castle on the cover page of different tour guide books, so let‘s go to see it! You will not be disappointed!

What is included:

  • Private Tour Guide
  • Car/Van
  • Driver
  • Entrance Fees To Both Chateaus Telc and Cervena Lhota

Total: 680

Number of persons:

Persons Price
1 680
2 695
3 710
4 725
5 740
6 755
7 770
8+ 880
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What will you see?

Our private guide will pick you up in your hotel in Prague and you will drive South-East to Telc. The drive takes approximately 2 hours. On the way you will see the picturesque Czech countryside with little villages.


After you arrive in Telc our private guide will show you the historical center. The historical town of Telc, which has been part of UNESCO since 1992, is surrounded by three ponds which served as protection. In the so-called inner town you can admire several medieval churches, renaissance chateau, renaissance town hall, baroque well and column with the Virgin Mary. The main square in Telc is called the Zachary of Hradec square. It is in the shape of a triangle and it is surrounded by gorgeous renaissance burgher houses. After a tour of the town the guide will take you to the chateau for a tour of the interiors with a local guide. Unfortunately outside guides are not allowed to guide inside. You can pick from 2 tours – the first one is focused on the older history of the chateau and the second tour is focused on the more recent history. The Telc Chateau was founded as a castle in the 13th century. In 1387 the castle burned to the ground and it had to be rebuilt. In the 16th century Zachary of Hradec, the most famous ruler of Telc, rebuilt the chateau in the renaissance style. The burghers followed the example of their lord and rebuilt their houses in renaissance fashion as well, using the same italian builders and architects that Zachary brought to the town. The chateau has not changed much since the 16th century. The last owners, Podstats of Liechtenstein, lost the property after WWII and the chateau remains state-owned until today.

Telc and Cervena Lhota chateau
Telc and Cervena Lhota chateau

Cervena Lhota

After Telc this private tour continues to a beautiful red chateau Cervena Lhota. It takes approximately 1 hour to drive there, passing through hilly Czech countryside and little villages. Inside the chateau you can take a 1 hour tour of the interiors, showing you the living quarters furnished in the 19th century. The chateau Cervena Lhota was founded in the 14th century on a rock surrounded by an artificial lake. In the 16th century a gothic stronghold was transformed into a renaissance chateau. It was given a red facade in the 17th century. According to a legend, the devil kidnapped a local noble lady and covered the chateau with her blood. In the early 20th century the last owners rebuilt the chateau in neo renaissance style. After WWII the chateau was confiscated by the government and it remains state-owned until today.