Moravian Karst and Brno Tour

Duration: 9 hours

Are you a person who likes adventure? Than Moravian Karst and Brno Tour is a great choice! Take this trip to the largest cave complex the Czech Republic has to offer! Enjoy the mysterious river-cruise on a boat through the caves and admire the beautiful work of Mother Nature. Afterwards your private tour guide will take you through the historical centre of Brno, the capital of the Moravian region.

What is included:

  • Private Tour Guide
  • Car/Van
  • Driver
  • Entrance Fee To Punkva Caves

Total: 680

Number of persons:

Persons Price
1 680
2 690
3 710
4 725
5 740
6 755
7 770
8+ 880
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What will you see

Our private guide will pick you up in the lobby of your hotel in Prague and together you will drive to the Moravian Karst. The trip takes approximately 2hrs 45min. After you arrive you will take a tourist shuttle to the entrance of the caves, the ride is about 4 min long. Then you will go on a tour of the caves. The tour of the Punkva caves lasts about 1 hour long. You will start on foot, walking through tunnels into so-called Domes. Dome is a large space that was created by the underground river Punkva and offers views on magnificent stalagmites, stalactites and columns. After walking through the Domes you will arrive at Macocha abyss. The Macocha abyss is 139m deep and it is the deepest abyss of its kind in Central Europe. After a stop to admire the abyss and the two lakes on its bottom, the tour continues to the boats. The second half of the tour is boat-sailing on the underground Punkva river. There is one more stop where you will get off the boat to see another Dome and then you will sail all the way to the entrance where the tour started. After touring the caves our private guide will take you to a funicular which will take you up the hills. From there you will be able to reach the top of the abyss so you can admire it from both ends.

After admiring the gorgeous Punkva caves the private tour continues to Brno, the capital of the Moravian region. The ride is about 40 minutes. There will be time for lunch and then our private guide will show you the city. You will see the gothic cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, Republic Square, historical town hall and other Brno’s landmarks.

Moravian Karst and Brno Tour
Moravian Karst and Brno Tour

Macocha Abyss

The abyss was created when the ceiling of a big cave collapsed. The name Macocha refers to a legend from the 17th century. Our private guide will tell you more about it while on the tour. The depth of the abyss is 139m and it is the deepest abyss of its kind in Central Europe. On the bottom of the abyss lie two lakes. The upper lake is 11m deep and the lower lake is at least 50m deep. The first record of the abyss is from the end of the 17th century and the first descent was done in the 18th century. In the year 1909 the whole complex of caves was discovered and after creation of several routes artificially tourism in the Punkva caves started.

Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul

In the second part of the private tour we will show you the most important church in Brno. The cathedral of St. Peter and Paul was founded in the 11th century as a romanesque church and later in the 14th century transformed into a gothic cathedral. It is the seat of a bishop and the most important church of the Moravian region.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The temperature inside the caves is around 7 degrees Celsius with 99% humidity so be sure to dress well before you begin our private tour.