Private Tour From Prague To Mauthausen and Cesky Krumlov

Duration: 12 hours

Take a private tour from Prague to Mauthausen and Cesky Krumlov . This WW II tour goes first to concentration camp Mauthausen and then to Cesky Krumlov as well.

Located in Austria, just outside of the Czech Republic, Mauthausen was a place of the Nazi terror through which many prominent Czech people passed. On a way back we will visit the pearl of south bohemia Cesky Krumlov, a historical town that has not changed much since the 16th century.

What is included:

  • Entrance fees to the Mauthausen concentration camp
  • Private tour guide
  • Private transportation

Total: 780

Number of persons:

Persons Price
1 780
2 820
3 830
4 840
5 860
6 880
7 920
8+ 1,080
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On 8th of August 1938 first prisoners arrived at the Mauthausen concentration camp from Dachau concentration camp. Place for this camp was chosen with a special purpose in mind. Nearby was a stone quarry where the prisoners could slave away for the Third Reich. Prisoners were gathering material for a company owned by SS named Deutsche Erd- und Steinwerke GmbH. This company was supposed to build monumental buildings for the Nazi regime. From 1943 the camp served as a place for political prisoners with camp rating III, which meant the worst conditions for prisoners. Death rate there was one of the highest of all Nazi concentration camps. Join us on our private tour and learn more about this place of pure evil that lies in Austria near the Czech borders.

Private Tour From Prague To Mauthausen and Cesky Krumlov
Private Tour From Prague To Mauthausen and Cesky Krumlov

 Cesky Krumlov

Travel with us to the pearl of Southern Bohemia. In the middle ages Cesky Krumlov served as the seat of the mighty Rosenberg family whose power could match that of the Czech king. The last Rosenbergs made Cesky Krumlov into what it is today. They built the second largest castle in the Czech Republic, right after the Prague Castle. Italian architects were hired to rebuilt the town and castle in renaissance style, giving Cesky Krumlov its unique historical atmosphere. Stroll with us on this private tour through the picturesque little streets, walk through the castle and see the baroque gardens.