Private Transfer From Prague To Dresden

Duration: 1.5 hours

Dresden, the capital of German State Saxony, is less than 1.5 hours drive from Prague. Travel in luxury and style on the new Czech-Saxon freeway, our private english speaking driver will safely take you there. Our private transfer from Prague to Dresden is flexible. We can add stops along the way to make the transfer more interesting. Places worth adding might be Terezin Concentration Camp or National Park of Czech-Saxon Switzerland or any other stops that are more or less on the way to the Saxon capital. Our private driver will give you a tour of the sights. Just reach out to us via email and we will customize the private transfer for you. The price may vary with different stops.

What is included:

  • Private transfer (car, minivan, coach)
  • Private driver
  • Destinations along the way (optional)

Total: 460

Number of persons:

Persons Price
1 460
2 470
3 480
4 520
5 540
6 560
7 595
8+ 680
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Private Transfer From Prague To Dresden – additional options

Terezin Concentration Camp

Terezin was originally built as a complex of 2 fortresses that was supposed to protect the Czech lands against Prussia. During World War II the Big Fortress became a ghetto for Jews from all over Europe and the Small Fortress became a Gestapo prison. Close to 200 000 prisoners passed through Terezin, majority of whom did not see the end of the war. Today the Small Fortress serves as a memorial, whereas the Big Fortress is a town where people live.

Check out our private tour to Terezin Memorial.

Private transfer from Prague to Dresden 5
Private transfer from Prague to Dresden 1

Czech-Saxon Switzerland

Czech-Saxon Switzerland is the most popular national park in the Czech Republic, although it is the smallest. It is located on the border between our Country and Saxony and the park reminded Swiss painters from Dresden of their homeland, Switzerland. Hence the name. Hike through the sandstone mountains and go down into the valley to sail on boats through gorges.

We can also organize a private tour to Bohemian Switzerland.